Sleeping Beauty 2018

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Show: 17th – 21st January 2018 at the Castle Theatre, Wellingborough

We need volunteers for various things throughout the run-up to the show, and the week of the show. If you are a budding dress maker, make-up artist or raffle runner please contact us! Any time you can give us fantastic, and we can put everyone to work!


Scene 1: Fairy Glade the story of the fairies told by the narrator. The narrator explains how eight fairies lived in harmony in the fairy-glade and how Maleficent falls in love with a mortal who is very accident prone and ends up slipping on a banana skin, banging his head and losing his memory, forgetting all about Maleficent and goes off to become a Knight of the Realm. Maleficent thinks he has jilted her and loses her temper for the first time causing chaos and as a punishment her wings are taken from her making her earth bound and subsequently evil. She leaves the fairy-glade and lives alone with only a crow for company.

Scene 2: Palace State Room Princess Aurora’s Christening Day, the court is visited by the seven ‘good’ fairies who all but one bestow a gift. As the last fairy is about to give her gift, Maleficent arrives. Angered that she was not invited, she casts a spell that curses Aurora to die on her 16th birthday by the pricking of her finger on a spinning wheel. After her exit, the last fairy amends the curse so that she will sleep until true loves kiss awakes her. The Queen declares her daughter should be brought up unaware of who she really is and be raised in Woodland by Nurse Nefertiti and one of the court Knights

Scene 3: Palace Corridor The banishing of the spinning wheels and the departure of the Dame and Knight with the baby

Scene 4: Woodland Cottage As Aurora grows she befriends the woodland animals. Her ‘parents’ are not coping too well with domestic life and parenthood. Unknown to them Maleficent has followed them and also befriends Aurora when she is playing alone

Scene 5: Woodland School The years pass and Aurora is now at school with the other children from the village. She becomes best friends with one of hte boys from the village who in turn falls madly in love with her

Scene 6: Woodland Village It is the day of the village fete and also the eve of Aurora’s 16th birthday. There are all sorts of festivities going on including a maypole and some cheeky Morris Dancers. Aurora meets a handsome young man and falls in love

Scene 7: Maleficent’s Lair Her plan unfolds on how she is going to use their friendship to trick the Princess into using the one and only spinning wheel left in the kingdom

Scene 8: Woodland Cottage It’s Aurora’s 16th Birthday and the King and Queen have sent news that they are to visit and explain who she really is. Before they get there Maleficent arrives and presents Aurora with a spinning wheel for her birthday. Just as the King, Queen and members of the court arrive Aurora pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep. We end the act with Maleficent regaining her power of flight – Defying Gravity

Act 2

Scene 1: Palace State Room Aurora is laid out and the Palace is in mourning. The Dame, Knight Fever and Billy are sent on a quest to find the Prince so he can awake the Princess with ‘true loves kiss’. The fairies visit and put the rest of the court to sleep, but not before bursting into song!

Scene 2: Maleficent’s Lair Aware of what has been going on, she conjures up a wall of thorns that surrounds the Palace and a fire breathing dragon to prevent entry by any dogooders

Scene 3: Woodland Cottage The Dame, Knight Fever and Billy arrive at the cottage where they find The Prince and his valet. They hatch a plan to awake the Sleeping Beauty

Scene 4: Wall of Thorns Possible UV Scene. The Prince and his band of followers fight their way through the thorns……..

Scene 5: Outside the Palace ……only to come face to face with a fire breathing dragon. The hero defeats the dragon and gains entry to the Palace

Scene 6: Palace Station Room The hero tenderly kisses the Sleeping Beauty and awakes her. But then Maleficent appears, there is a final battle and the hero is triumphant. Another chance for them to burst into song!

Scene 7: House Number – Dame, Knight Fever, Maleficent and Crow

Scene 8: Palace State Room It’s wedding time, Walk down and finale number – Spread The Love Around